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Housing Market Latest

Housing Market Latest

During our 30 years in business it is fair to say that we have experienced many different housing markets and each one brings its own challenges with the current market being no exception.

Lots of our clients describe themselves as ‘picky’ and whilst they want to move, they would only do so for something special and because they haven't seen the perfect property they are reluctant to put their property onto the market. Whilst this is understandable the issue is that once that special property does become available there will be a lot of interest and as quickly as your property will sell there will always be someone in a better position who will beat you to the punch. This is the most important reason as to why you should be marketing your home once you have made the decision to move regardless of whether you have found somewhere or not. Allow us to put you in the best possible position and top of the queue by finding a buyer for you. We can manage expectations/timings from that point onwards and providing that we endeavour to keep a potential buyer fully updated they will more than likely be happy to give you time to find. We offer a fully encompassing service to our clients which includes not just securing a sale for you at the best price but by making the most of the huge area we cover we actively try to find you the perfect home to buy as well. We have had great success this year with selling property ‘off market’ to the extent that approximately 20% of the sales we have agreed have never been online. We currently have 1,835 buyers looking for a home within the golden triangle from £250,000 to £5,000,000. By knowing these buyers wants and needs we are able to match the correct purchaser with your property. By handpicking a few carefully selected buyers and giving them an opportunity to secure a property before it hits the open market we can use the element of exclusivity and command a premium that might not have been achievable had we gone ahead with ‘live’ internet marketing.

Everyone is now more than aware that we are in a housing boom with the shortage of supply combined with high demand pushing prices ever upwards. However, the housing market is built almost solely on confidence. More headline stories that interest rates could rise drastically next year is all it takes to slow prices down so if you are a Seller who is looking to make the most of the recent price rise then now is the time to sell.

Thinking of selling?  Then give your local Beadnall Copley office a call, we'd love to help.