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Let's talk about AI

Let's talk about AI

There’s lots of talk about AI right now so we thought we’d give it a go … we asked a chatbot “What are the most popular house names in Yorkshire?” … and this was the instant response…


“House names can vary widely in Yorkshire and depend on individual preferences, so there is no definitive answer to this question. However, there are some popular house names that you may come across in Yorkshire:


1.       Rose Cottage

2.       The Old School House

3.       Meadow View

4.       The Granary

5.       Church View

6.       Hillside

7.       The Willows

8.       The Old Vicarage

9.       Ivy Cottage

10.   Orchard House


These are just a few examples, and there are countless other possibilities. Ultimately, the choice of house name is a personal one, and it's up to the owner to choose a name that reflects their personality, interests, and the character of the property.”


So was this AI response pretty accurate? Yes however surprisingly for our part of Yorkshire did not mention properties with ‘Farm’ included in the name and we sell lots of former farmhouses! Our latest farmhouse instruction is pictured – Downing House Farm in gorgeous Studley Roger on the market with our Ripon office at Offers in region £575,000 – enquiries 01765 698100