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Selling a property during the festive season?

Selling a property during the festive season?

We all want to enjoy the festive spirit at this time of year but when decorating your house for Christmas whilst it’s on the market for sale, just how many decorations are too many? First and foremost you want to strike a balance, create a festive and welcoming atmosphere without overwhelming potential buyers or distracting them from the features of the home.

So here’s some tips for decorating your house for Christmas when it’s for sale.

1.       Take photos before decorating

If you’re planning to launch your home onto the market during the festive season, consider having your photography taken before decorating. This allows potential buyers looking online to see the home in its neutral state first.

2.       Keep it simple

Opt for simple and elegant decorations rather than going overboard with a large number of ornaments. This can help maintain a clean and uncluttered look.

3.       Neutral colours

Stick to a neutral colour palette for your decorations. Classic colours such as white, gold, silver and red can be attractive without being too overwhelming.

4.       Avoid personalised decorations

Buyers want to envisage themselves in your home so remember that too many personal items may make that more difficult.

5.       Highlight key features

If you home has attractive features like a fireplace or beautiful staircase, consider decorating these areas to draw attention to them.

6.       Curb appeal matters

Consider decorating the exterior of your home as well. A tastefully decorated front door can create a positive first impression.

7.       Limit religious decorations

Keep religious decorations to a minimum. You want your home to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers and overly specific religious themes might not resonate with everyone.

8.       Avoid clutter

While it’s festive to have decorations throughout your home, be mindful of creating clutter. Ensure that pathways are clear and decorations don’t make rooms feel smaller.

9.       Use seasonal scents

Consider using subtle seasonal scents, like pine or cinnamon. Scented candles, potpourri or reed diffusers can create a cozy ambiance without being too overpowering.

10.   Remove decorations promptly

Once the festive season is over promptly remove all your decorations and store away out of view. Leaving them up for an extended period can make the home feel dated and may give the impression that the property has been on the market for a long time.