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The Detached Dream

The Detached Dream

Do you dream of being a detached home owner? Well you're not alone

Following a recent survey by the nation’s favourite property website Rightmove, here’s what buyers have been searching for when it comes to their dream home.

One of the big impacts on the housing market during the pandemic has been the jump in the number of people buying a detached home with a garden. In fact, we’ve seen a record number of people searching for homes with gardens.

A home set among a small, friendly community is sought after, living in a detached property, so as not to have the neighbours too close. A cottage comes in second, fitting with the idyll of a cosy cottage by the sea.

Tim Bannister, Director at Rightmove says “Earlier this year detached homes hit over half a million pounds nationally for the first time, aided by an increase demand for more space,”

“This means that many people looking to move right now are likely to be looking for a smaller home, but some will have their mind set on how they could eventually achieve the four-bedroom detached house with a garden. Others will be thinking about what living the coastal life in a cottage could be like, and for some that will mean their daily search on Rightmove turns into picking up the keys to their new life a few months down the line.”

Two living rooms is the most popular request for number of living rooms, perhaps to have one for guests and one for everyday use. A garage and garden are both high priority, although these days a garage may be used for extra storage rather than actually parking the car inside.

The rise of working from home comes through especially in the younger age groups, with those aged 18-34 saying a home office is their number one priority for an extra room. The conservatory doesn’t start to appear as a must-have until we reach the 65+ age group, who would also choose a bungalow over a large house.

The youngest age group of 18-24 would really like a dining room, likely to have more room to entertain friends. A third bathroom, maybe for growing families, emerges in the 25-44 age group.

Additional rooms ranked

1. Garage

2. Utility room

3. Home office

4. Dining room

5. Walk-in wardrobe

6. Conservatory

7. Swimming pool

8. A gym / spa

9. Games room

10. Library


Tesco triumphs over Waitrose

The motto that ‘every little helps’ is certainly true for Tesco today, as the chain beats Waitrose by a mere one percent, when people were asked which supermarket they would most want to have nearby.

Looking at all properties on Rightmove, Tesco is the supermarket that is mentioned most by estate agents in listings, followed by Waitrose.

Waitrose does perform exceptionally well when you consider how many more stores Tesco has around Great Britain. However, there are clear regional favourites, with the South favouring Waitrose and Sainsbury’s winning in Yorkshire & the Humber.

Just popping down the local…

A local pub on the doorstep is the top choice, followed by a local corner shop, coffee shop and a local market.  Bakeries and restaurants come next on the list, and local greengrocers and butchers are a more popular choice than takeaway places, as many people know they can rely on delivery drivers to bring it straight to their door.

And Beadnall Copley’s opinion…

Activity from both buyers and sellers since the start of the pandemic in all of our areas of Harrogate, Ripon and Wetherby definitely mirrors Rightmove’s findings, with a huge increase in those wanting to move to find their country ideal, more outdoor space and, for those whose budget allows, their detached dream.  For more information on the local property market and to register for properties for sale or to let please call our experienced teams today.

From an article on - this survey was conducted by Rightmove between 19-23 August with 2,019 respondents.